2020 was a tough challenge internationally as communities were severely disrupted by the COVID-19 virus. Thanks to the efforts and contributions from all employees and contractors, Rössing has successfully overcome all these difficulties and challenges and realised fruitful achievements.

With regards to safety, Rössing has succeeded in keeping a sustainable operation with high levels of safety and environmental management, and achieving the best safety performance since its establishment in the 1970s.

Benefitting from an efficient operation, the annual production of uranium oxide for the year 2020 was slightly higher than the production in 2019. Despite the spreading pandemic, it has been the highest annual production since 2013.

2021 will continue to be challenging, which will also witness a few obstacles such as fragile supply chain, weak price and possible relapses of the pandemic. On the bright side, it will be faced with more emerging opportunities. While insisting on the priority of safety, health and the environment, we shall work with Rössing to deliver sustainable growth for our employees and the company, pursuing excellence and achieving sound coordination with our internal and external stakeholders.

CNUC will firmly support Rössing to strive for a sustainable future, whilst benefitting the local economy, local communities and its stakeholders. In this regard, I hope we are able to achieve a deeper mutual understanding and co-operation and immediate action from everyone as a key element to achieving this goal.

Youliang Li, Vice President,
China National Uranium Corporation Limited


"Knowing exactly where we are, with the support from all of you, with the action to where we desire to go, we will continue the legacy and create a new era for Rössing. With our joint efforts, Rössing will continue to benefit both Namibia and China, as well as their people as a whole."

— Youliang Li, Vice President, China National Uranium Corporation Limited