Rӧssing Uranium continued its good safety performance in 2022 with an AIFR of 0.43 against the target of 0.48. This is however lower than the milestone performance achieved in 2021 of 0.34. The mine had three All Injuries in the first quarter of 2022, with a very good safety performance until August 2022 after which five more All Injuries were experienced. The mine also recorded a significant number of Significant and Potential Fatal incidents (“PFI”). However, despite the deteriorated safety performance, Rӧssing recorded a good score of 4.2 against a target of 4.2 for its Critical Risk Management (“CRM”) programme. 2022 was also a year free of fatalities, permanent disabling injuries and significant process safety incidents. Rössing Uranium strongly believes that all incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable and continues to strive towards its goal of zero harm.

Below is a summary of Rössing’s safety performance for 2022:

HSSE document control and communication

The SAP incident management system was upgraded.

Various code of practices and procedures were reviewed during deep dives, audits, incident management and risk assessments to incorporate changed procedures and improved controls. All health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) management system documents were reviewed and uploaded to the SharePoint site.

All Rӧssing risk registers were updated in 2022.

Communications framework in place was maintained with MD quarterly OHSE Committee Meetings, monthly GM HSE management meeting, Health, safety, security, and Environment (“HSSE”) Committee meetings at departmental level, as well as the managers monthly communications.