Results – Rössing virtual marathon 2021
(21 June 2021)

Results Final (XLS)


Shaliaxwe and Armas-Namupala are the Rössing virtual marathon champions

History was made this past weekend, when Jeremia Shaliaxwe ran his first 42km marathon event, during the Rössing marathon- virtual run and emerged victorious in 02:19:59.

Alina Armas-Namupala for the sixth time also won the 42km ladies-open category, crossing the line in 02:51:01.

Both athletes will receive a prize of N$10 000 and a development bonus of N$20 000.

A total of over N$90 000 will be awarded to winners in various categories.

“I am extremely excited to record my first marathon event as a winner – as this was not an easy run at all.

“I ran in Windhoek with a lot of hills, the weather was not so friendly and had a lot of vehicles on the road but I kept motivating myself especially when my teammate fell out and I had to run all by myself,” said the joyful Shaliaxwe.

Armas-Namupala also had this to say “I trained for this event since December last year and looked forward to a physical event.

“I am happy that despite the covid-19 pandemic and its challenges the organisers made sure there is an event for us to participate in. It was not an easy race at all but discipline throughout was key.

“The roads were extremely busy but I also had a team that guided me throughout,” she said.

Armas-Namupala congratulated all the runners, saying “We are all winners from this race and I want to encourage you, never give up because next year you might be the one to scoop the prize,” she said. The 30th marathon event was for the first time held virtually, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and attracted over 300 participants.

Rössing Uranium’s manager Corporate Communications Daylight Ekandjo, congratulated all the winner, noting that “We knew from the onset that this was not going to be an easy run for our athletes who are used to coming to Swakopmund and run in a cooler weather condition and the road terrain does not have hills. We are indeed proud of you for being brave and completing your race, despite the challenges faced.

“We take note of the challenges experienced by some of the runners, but we are so proud that for 30 years Rössing has been promoting healthy lifestyles and wellbeing in our nation, more so during this trying period we are facing as a country,” she said.

“We are hopeful that 2022 will allow us to host a physical event again.”

Jeremia Shaliaxwe Alina Armas-Namupala


The overall winners with their times are:

Marathon – 42km

Men’s open

Jeremia Shaliaxwe 02:19:59
Jesaya Matheus 02:22:53
Kornelius Nghilyeendele 02:26:11

Men’s - Veteran

Salomo David 02:38:30
David Iiyambo 03:08:00
Absalom Namweya 03:39:00

Men’s Master

Kristof Ndunga 05:53:38

Ladies’ open

Alina Armas-Namupala 02:51:01
Ally Uxamb 05:20:21

Ladies’ Veteran

Mariana Mbako 05:34:40

Ladies Masters

Emilia Nambahu 04:33:12
Nonnie Tjitemisa 04:44:46


Men’s open

Teven Swartbooi 01:18:23
Geson Koper 01:18:29
Les Trollope 01:27:11

Men’s Veteran

Laban Ndjendja 01:38:27
Martin Kalwenya 01:48:01
Tamuti Kautondokwa 01:48:20

Men’s Master

Mathias Mutota 01:42:25

Ladies’ open

Klaudia Angula 01:53:27
Ndapandula Shipena 01:54:18
Martha Shiyanga 02:11:59

Ladies’ Veteran

Natalie Beukes 02:16:45
Rachael Gwasira 02:22:53
Winnet Murerwa 02:28:47

Ladies’ Master

Christine Haupt 01:59:22
Mildred Hendricks 02:39:12

Ladies’ Grand-Master

Marita Van Der Merwe 02:18:27
Juliana Blaauw 02:19:34



Men’s Open

Bernadinus Kambwae 00:37:09
Richard Prinsloo 00:43:20
Lasarus Johannes 00:44:51

Men’s Veteran

Laurence Kandundu 00:53:19
Gino Raffie 00:58:08
Paul Shapwa 01:01:25

Men’s Masters

Colin De La Harpe 01:07:09
Ronald Visagie 01:08:38
Ruben Philander 01:20:36

Men’s Grand-Masters

Johan Van Niekerk 03:17:44

Men’s Junior

Release Joseph 01:27:35
Lyndon Beukes 01:31:32

Ladies’ Open

Ndahambelela Shelitika 00:53:12
Taimi Nashima 00:53:37
Ruusa Shoowa 00:53:51

Ladies’ Veteran

Mareli Delport 01:05:11
Sandrah Matiure 01:20:50
Barbara Krauer 01:33:47

Ladies Masters

Mavis Andiliqu 01:05:01
Concilia Makoena 01:19:00
Yvette Greeff 01:08:54

Ladies Grand-Master

Essie Herbst 01:16:14
Wilma Van Niekerk 03:17:50

Ladies Junior

Josslyn Beukes 01:39:19


Congratulations to all the winners!


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