Rössing comments on EJOLT Report
(17 April 2014)


Rössing Uranium would like to make the following comments available on the EJOLT report.

1. What is the company's view on that report?

We highly value the health and safety of all our employees around the world. We have just received a copy of the EJOLT report and we are studying it very carefully. Once we have fully considered the report we will be in a position to comment. In the meantime, we would stress that Rössing Uranium has always regarded the health and safety of employees as a priority, since the start of its operations in 1976. Health and safety measures have always been in place based on international best practice and applications at the time.

2. Will Rio Tinto institute a full blown, independent investigation into the findings of the research?

We are not aware of any medical evidence of widespread health issues for our current or former employees which we monitor regularly. We have a comprehensive health, safety and environment plan at Rössing and we monitor our activities regularly which are strictly governed by international standards.  We will however fully consider the claims in the report and respond. 

3. Will the company allow the Ministry of Health unrestricted access to the workers in order to examine the medicals of the workers?

The Ministry of Health does have unrestricted access to the mine site as well to medical reports.

4. Any other comment about the report?

Rössing is committed to the protection of the health and safety of its employees, contractors and stakeholders in the community at large. Our operations are governed by applicable national legislative and regulatory frameworks and then controlled by way of Rio Tinto's integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System.  All mine workers have access to their own medical reports.


Werner Duvenhage
Managing Director