UPDATE: Fire incident at Rössing
Final Product Recovery (FPR) plant

(17 February 2015)

On the afternoon of 12 February 2015, a fire was reported in Rössing Uranium's Final Product Recovery (FPR) plant. Initial assessments of the affected area at the FPR plant showed that the fire was isolated to the roasters inside the facility. The on-going focus is on the structured implementation of a detailed project plan to manage the incident safely and within a reasonable time frame. A lead investigator is currently on site, assisted by experts from Rössing and the Swakopmund Fire Brigade.

The investigation team continues to work to identify the causes of the fire. Rössing's Radiation Safety department conducted contamination measurements in the areas surrounding the FPR plant; No contamination was found. There has been no spill of uranium oxide from the roasting area to other areas. There has also been no additional radiation exposure to people as a result of the fire.

The potential impacts of the incident on the operation, upstream and downstream are continually being assessed and considered. Rössing will continue to produce in accordance with its 2015 production plan and uranium oxide will be exported in line with customer commitments. All operations of the mine continue as normal apart from the FPR where the fire occurred.


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