UPDATE: Fire incident at Rössing
Final Product Recovery (FPR) plant

(13 February 2015)

On the afternoon of 12 February 2015, a fire was reported in Rössing's Final Product Recovery (FPR) plant. Emergency response teams brought the situation under control. Initial assessments of the affected area at the FPR plant showed that the fire was isolated to the roasters inside the facility. Most of the damage was contained here. The FPR plant is one component of the mine's processing plant. The roasters are used to burn off excess moisture in the final product, before drumming takes place. The exact cause of the fire remains unknown at this stage. As part of our business recovery and response plan, further assessments and a thorough investigation, involving the relevant experts, is underway. Work in unaffected parts of the mine continues as normal.

All the relevant authorities were informed about the incident. No employees were injured during the fire. There was also no uranium spill. None of the final product already drummed and stored outside the FPR facility, was affected. The FPR plant is a restricted access facility. As part of standard safety procedures at the mine, teams entering the FPR plant are required to wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Rössing's Occupational Medical Surveillance Programme provides the mine with relevant information so that it can control and manage potential health risks. All employees and contractors undergo pre-employment medical examinations to ensure they are fit to work. These are followed-up by regular risk-based medical examinations.

The safety of all Rössing employees and our neighbouring communities remains, as always, our first priority.


Werner Duvenhage
Managing director
Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium

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