Rössing donates N$50 000 to the Erongo House of Safety
(22 May 2012)

On Friday, 18 May, Rössing Uranium mine donated N$50 000 to the Erongo House of Safety (EHOS); a children's home that falls under the auspices of the Erongo Development Foundation (EDF).

The donation forms part of Rössing's annual sponsorship towards the EDF; a sponsorship that started during the inception of the EHOS in 1998.

The EHOS has continued to provide a safe and loving environment for children who are deprived of shelter, parental care or guardianship. The home currently houses seven children, ranging in age between 6 and 16 and has a staff compliment of four, inclusive of a house mother, cook, cleaner and gardener.


In the eyes of the community, EHOS is seen as a safe haven that grants a second opportunity for children under its care by providing meals, health care, clothing, and most importantly, access to education.

The Chairperson of the National Council and Chairperson of the Erongo Development Foundation, Honourable Asser Kuveri Kapere (left in photo) said, “Over the years Rössing Uranium mine has faithfully and generously supported the Erongo House of Safety. Therefore, today I am pleased and delighted that Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium continues to faithfully contribute towards the operations of the Erongo House of Safety.”

Also speaking at the event, Rössing's Manager of External Affairs, Jerome Mutumba (right in photo) said: “As one of the leading corporate citizens in Namibia, Rössing's business objectives are to have close rapport with the community in which the mine operates and to give strong support for worthy community initiatives. We believe in the approach of creating and supporting sustainable communities. Our goal, therefore, is to ensure that our operations are carried out in harmony with the communities around us.”

Mutumba further added that even though the mining giant's financial resources were severely challenged in 2011, the mine invested a total of N$1.4 million in community projects through cash and in-kind donations and sponsorships.