Rössing Uranium Limited - change of telephone numbers
(5 December 2007)

Kindly be informed that the telephone and facsimile numbers of the Rössing Corporate Offices in Swakopmund have changed as follows:

All numbers in the range (064) 520300 to (064) 520399 will change as follows:

An additional 0 is introduced after the first 3 to make this number a 7-digit number, for example:

Old ………New
520300…..5203000 (Switchboard)
520317…..5203017 (fax)
520330…..5203030 (fax)
520333…..5203033 etc

We regret any inconvenience caused by the change of telephone numbers.

Telephone numbers not changed:

The numbers on the mine site such as (064) 520 9111 (Switchboard) and all the direct numbers remain the same.

Telephone numbers at Stadtmitte such as (064) 520 1000 (Switchboard) and all the direct numbers remain the same.

The Rössing Uranium Windhoek office telephone number is (061) 280 9111.

The Rössing Foundation in Swakopmund telephone number is (064) 462145; Arandis (064) 512000; Windhoek, (061) 211721, and the telephone number of the Rössing Foundation Ondangwa is (065) 240259.

Please direct your queries to one of the Rössing Uranium Switchboards.