Rössing Chairman retires
(22 August 2007)

The Board of Directors of Rössing Uranium Limited (Rössing) announces the retirement of long-serving Chairman, Charles Kauraisa. In his letter to the Board Charles said, “Please convey my thanks and appreciation to the employees, shareholders and Directors of the Board of Rössing Uranium Ltd for their support over the years.”

On behalf of the employees and shareholders of Rössing the Board of Directors extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr Kauraisa. His guidance and leadership have been particularly valuable as Rössing weathered the effects of low uranium prices for many years. He retires leaving the company strong and well-positioned to capture the benefits of higher product prices.

Throughout his tenure Mr Kauraisa was not only a strong protector of shareholders' interests but also a strong advocate for employees and local communities. He also played an instrumental role in guiding the ongoing work of the Rössing Foundation and set a clear vision for improving math, science, and English education at primary and secondary schools in Namibia.

Preston Chiaro, Chief Executive Energy for Rio Tinto, one of Rössing's largest shareholders, said “It has been a rare privilege for me to get to know and work with Charles Kauraisa. He has endured much personal hardship in the time I have known him, but has never lost focus on the welfare of the company and its employees. I thoroughly enjoyed serving with him and I wish him good health and every success in his retirement."

Mike Leech, Managing Director of Rössing said “I have worked alongside Charles for nearly 20 years. Initially as fellow employees and for nearly ten years now as fellow Board members and have always appreciated the wisdom he has brought to any discussion irrespective of topic. He has been with Rössing through thick and thin and helped with many hard decisions that enabled us to stay in the game and come back as the strong and significant player it is today. I wish Charles good health and an enjoyable retirement.” The Board will decide on Charles's successor at their next meeting which is in November.

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