Date: 14 June 2021

Subject: Fake RFQ issued by Rössing Uranium Mine – Mr Stephanus Botha

Dear Supplier

Please note that a fake RFQ have been doing the rounds with RFQ number RUM RFQ 20/541/019 to supply Broddex GX99000 Heavy duty pump x 4 and Broddex T100T Underground rock drill x 4.
This is indeed a fake RFQ and not issued by RUL Procurement, as Mr Stephanus Botha is not an employee of Rössing Uranium Ltd.

Please do not respond to this RFQ, or any issued by Mr Stephanus Botha and please report any similar RFQs you should receive.

Please only respond to RFQs issued from @rossing.com.na email addresses or on the Webportunities website, as we are not operating as Rössing Uranium Mine, but Rössing Uranium Ltd.


Yours sincerely,
Kenneth B Strauss
Advisor: Procurement