Our vision is to carry out our business with integrity, honesty and fairness at all times. We build from a foundation of compliance with relevant laws, regulations and international standards, and are in line with various Rio Tinto and Rössing Uranium guidelines on leading business practices, such as The way we work, Rio Tinto’s global code of business conduct.

Much of our work is subjected to various external assurance and verifcation processes throughout the year. For example, external auditors audit our fnancial statements, while an external environmental auditing company audits our environmental fgures each year. The following auditing companies, Government bodies and other institutions reviewed the company’s practices in 2016:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (Rio Tinto Corporate Annual Report data assurance, designed to provide limited assurance over selected items; in Rössing Uranium’s case, AIFR data, closure costing and water usage);
  • KPMG (internal audits);
  • Rio Tinto Corporate Assurance (internal audits);
  • Bureau Veritas (ISO 14001:2004 certifcation and Rio Tinto HSEQ management system business conformance);
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (industry control);
  • SLR Environmental Consulting, SRK Consulting and Aqua Terra Consulting (review of tailings and associated environmental aspects every second year);
  • AECOM and SLR Environmental Consulting (third party review of Tailings storage facility stability and design);
  • Environmental Resources Management Limited (Rio Tinto operations and business unit assessment - safety culture diagnostics and critical risk and control improvements);
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare: Affrmative Action (Employment) Act, 1998 (No. 29 of 1998) (compliance verifcation in respect of labour-related Acts);
  • Ministry of Health and Social Services (compliance verifcation in respect of health and related Acts);
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy (compliance verifcation in respect of mining operation-related Acts); and
  • Ministry of Finance (compliance verifcation in respect of income tax and fnance-related Acts).