Rössing birthday wishes

Name: Andreas Shaanika

Title: Director

Company: Shaanika Shapumba Resources (SSR)

Message: Happy birthday Rössing. You selflessly provided to the development of Namibia. Forty years down the line you're still living up to your slogan "Working for Namibia". We the SSR Directors are proud to have been empowered by the mine as children of former employees & bursary recipients. U3O8 Komeshe!

Name: Immanuel Valipo Shigwedha

Title: Boilermaker

Company: Naibab Mining & Maintenance

Message: Happy 40th Birthday Rössing! Wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming years.

Name: Colin Lindsay

Title: President

Company: Torcastle Project Services

Message: Best birthday wishes to Rössing. My wife and I had 12 very happy years there between 1979-91 and we still stay in touch with many of the friends that we made there. Hope you have many more years in the future!

Name: David Salisbury

Title: Retired

Company: Rio Tinto

Message: Congratulations to everyone at Rössing. Your continued efforts to weather the storms of the market are remarkable. I am proud to have been part of Rössing's history. Happy Birthday to the Rössing family and a hope for many more.

Name: Jimmy Georgie Gallagher

Title: Welder

Company: Retired welder

Message: Hi Rössing. Congratulations to you on reaching this milestone. My good wishes to the workers and my old friends on the mine and at the Plate Shop! May you have continued success in the coming years.

Name: Vincent Swartbooi

Title: Senior Education Officer

Company: //Kharas Regional Council

Message: Happy birthday Rössing. We wish you many blessings, and appreciate the contributions you made to the Namibian society. Happy birthday!

Name: Michael Kharuxab

Title: Document Control Clerk

Company: Natonda Investments

Message: Happy birthday Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium!

Name: Fredrika

Title: Geologist/Hydrogeologist

Company: GCS Water and Environmental Engineering Namibia

Message: Wishing Rössing and its people more strength and many more years of successful production.

Name: Edward Namulo

Title: Manager

Company: Namulo cleaning cc

Message: Continue with your mining work and be the best mine in the world. Be the number one mine as regards safety in Namibia and be proud of your workers.

Name: Joseph Haikali

Title: Student

Company: NUST

Message: The NUST family wishes Rössing Uranium the very happiest birthday ever. May you continue with the diligent hard work - building Namibia. With love, Joseph Haikali.

Name: Badroeniza Beukes

Title: Skills Trainer: Processing

Company: Husab Mine

Message: I want to wish Rössing Uranium a happy birthday. Thank you for all the happy memories that we have created and the time spent together. Blessings.

Name: Ray Fitzpatrick

Title: Sales Consultant

Company: Weir Minerals Namibia

Message: Wishing Rössing and its people many more years of production - a truly wonderful Company to have had the pleasure to work for. Inspiring, challenging, respectful and motivating experience. A truly world-class company.

Name: Thabang

Title: Janitor

Company: Uibasen Cleaning Services

Message: Happy birthday to the best uranium mine in the world. Omake!

Name: Tomas NN Amutenya

Title: Chemist


Message: As a Rössing bursary graduate I'd like to wish you a happy 40th anniversary and I appreciate all the income generated from the sales of uranium oxide that paid for my studies. I wish the Rössing team strength and pray for the uranium oxide price stability for years to come.

Name: Arthur

Title: Occupational Hygienist

Company: Navachab Gold Mine

Message: Congratulations to Rössing Uranium on your 40th birthday. As a young boy growing up, Rössing made such an impact that it's name was engraved in our memories - and it continues to this day. For your contribution we, the Namibian people, will always be indebted.

Name: Simeon Shivolo

Title: Boilermaker

Company: Ex-Rössing apprentice

Message: Happy birthday my very first company. You taught me a lot I didn't know. Long live Rössing, long live!

Name: Fiillemon Eliaser

Title: Serviceman

Company: Basil Read Mining

Message: Happy birthday Rössing Uranium. Wishing you many more years with good work and zero harm to workers. Keep up the good work - you inspire a lot. Keep on going as one team!

Name: Linda Bray

Title: Former metallurgist

Company: Now based in Regina, SK, Canada

Message: Happy birthday, Rössing. I can't believe you are turning 40. It only seems like yesterday when I left England and flew into Arandis to start my career back in 1994. I have so many great memories of Namibia, its people and working at Rössing. Many thanks for the opportunities and fun times!

Name: Manneckey Khoe-Aob

Title: Maintenance Planner

Company: MEATCO

Message: Happy 40th birthday wishes to Rössing. I started work at Rössing as an apprentice in 1985. My last position was Conditioning Monitoring Technician. Enjoy the celebrations.

Name: Erastus Kandenge


Company: Rössing Uranium

Message: Happy birthday Rössing on your 40-year anniversary. We are lucky to work at Rössing - God help our Company to operate another 40 years!

Name: Rosalia N David

Title: Bell Water Tank operator

Company: Nexus group of companies

Message: I wish you all the best on production of the mineral of our land and many years to come.

Name: Jacklyn Mwenze

Title: Manager HSEC & PS

Company: Rössing Uranium

Message: Happy birthday to the best company to work for on planet Earth...our own, strong Uranium Producing Giant. Wishing you 7x40 more years ahead. May they be filled with loads of drummed tonnes!

Name: Erick Pedupena Haitembu

Title: Assistant company secretary

Company: DCS

Message: Happy birthday Rössing Uranium Mine. Keep mining for Namibia and boost our mining sector and economic development.

Name: Edward Strauss

Title: Buyer

Company: Langer Heinrich Uranium

Message: Happy 40th birthday Rössing Uranium!!!!!

Name: Fillemon MJ Nakale

Title: Diesel mechanic

Company: None

Message: Happy 40th birthday to Rössing and your hardworking workforce.

Name: Indongo Abed Angula


Company: None

Message: Happy birthday to Rössing Uranium. I wish you all the best and I am dreaming to be part and parcel of Rössing Uranium one day. From Indongo Abed Angula (HRM-High Diploma)

Name: Botha Ellis

Title: Corporate Communication adviser

Company: Rössing Uranium

Message: I love my Rössing. Happy 40th birthday to the grand old lady!

Name: John Moody

Title: Senior Metallurgist

Company: Swakop Uranium

Message: Rössing has been a corporate citizen in this country, and many of us have benefited from its existence.

Name: Mr. Gavin Goseb

Title: Manager

Company: JJ General Services Cc

Message: Belated (production) birthday wish to Rössing and its entire team. Wishing you a brighter future in mining. From: Team JJ General Services cc

Name: Iilonga Fabianus

Title: Fitting and Turning apprentice

Company: Rössing Uranium (attachment apprentice )

Message: Happy birthday on 40 years . . . I have enjoyed the cupcakes!

Name: Benadicta Uris

Title: Health & Safety manager - Africa region

Company: Rio Tinto HSEC

Message: Powering ahead with less! Rössing will get through this rough patch and soar again...here's to the next 40 years!! Happy 40th anniversary!

Name: Moses Pius

Title: Chemist

Company: Rössing Uranium

Message: Joining a giant like Rössing made me imagine its story from the very beginning. I can imagine all the emotions that came with the achievements and challenges which eventually moulded the company I work for today. I'm excited to be part of this 40-year milestone. Happy birthday Rössing.

Name: Lulia Hamutenya

Title: Occupational hygiene adviser

Company: Rössing Uranium Limited

Message: Rössing, what a great journey you embarked upon for the past 40 years. Congratulations! Thanks for the indispensable value you added to the World, Namibia, Erongo Region and in the life of your employees. Your legacy will be treasured forever. Happy birthday Rössing!

Name: Luis Domingo

Title: Graduate chemist

Company: RUL

Message: Happy birthday Rössing and may many more years be added to this longest-running open pit uranium mine in the world.

Name: Elizabeth Lukas

Title: Environmental officer


Message: Happy Birthday Rössing Uranium!

Name: Cecilia Pretorius

Title: Ms

Company: SAC Corporate Communications cc

Message: Happy birthday to the stalwart of uranium mining in Namibia - Rössing! Keep going strong! We are proud of you! Well done to the Comms Team!

Name: Gaston September

Title: Warehouse officer

Company: Rio Tinto Rossing

Message: Happy 40th birthday Rössing. May every milestone and every storm over the years take you to higher heights. Proud to be part of this celebration.

Name: Sageus Amxab

Title: Warehouse Controller

Company: Rossing uranium

Message: A happy and productive 40th anniversary! May you continue to produce uranium for the benefit of the people of this beautiful country.