Z20 SEIA Scoping Report – 19 November 2012

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Z20 SEIA Draft Scoping Report - Executive Summary - 720kb
Z20 SEIA Draft Scoping Report
- 6.5mb
Social and Environmental Management Plan - 2.8mb

Annexure A: SEIA team CV's
Annexure B1: List of Interested and Affected Parties - 590kb
Annexure B2: Information Sharing Records
Annexure B3: Z20 Background Information Document (BID) - 1.9mb
Annexure B4: Placed Site Notices and e-Rossing Bulletin Article - 1.7mb
Annexure B5: Newspaper advertisements - 2.8mb
Annexure B6: Information presented at meetings and open day - 4.5mb
Annexure B7: Comments received prior to Draft Scoping Report release - 2.4mb
Annexure B8: Issues and Response Report - 690kb
Annexure C1: Visual Impact Assessment - 7.9mb
Annexure C2: Air Quality Assessment - 4mb
Annexure C3: Noise Impact Assessment - 3.4mb
Annexure C4: Radiological Public Dose Assessment - 2.3mb
Annexure C5: Surface Water Assessment - 1.2mb
Annexure C6: Biodiversity Impact Assessment - 2.9mb
Annexure C7: Specialist Archaeological Assessment - 840kb

SEIA Z20 BID Information - 1.9mb


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