Rössing desalination plant - SEIA draft scoping report

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Draft Scoping Report - Rössing Desalination Plant (pdf - 7mb)
Annexure A1 - CV for Andries van der Merwe (pdf - 235kb)
Annexure A2 - CV for Patrick Killick (pdf - 212kb)
Annexure A3 - CV for Simon Charter (pdf - 101kb)
Annexure A4 - CV for Werner Petrick (pdf - 248kb)
Annexure B1 - BID (pdf - 1mb)
Annexure B2 - Meeting presentation (pdf - 1.2mb)
Annexure B3 - Site Notices (pdf - 191kb)
Annexure B4 - Newsprint advertisments (pdf - 4mb)
Annexure B5 - RUL Staff Notifications (pdf - 101kb)
Annexure C1 - Meeting Minutes with MUN (pdf - 1.1mb)
Annexure C2 - Meeting Minutes with Media (pdf - 685kb)
Annexure C3 - Meeting minutes with Key stakeholders (pdf - 676kb)
Annexure C4 - Meeting minutes with public (pdf - 1.4mb)
Annexure C5 - Meeting minutes with MAWF (pdf - 479kb)
Annexure C6 - Meeting minutes with NamWater Final` (pdf - 535kb)
Appendix C7 - meeting notes with MET (pdf - 248kb)
Annexure C8 - I&AP register (pdf - 342kb)
Annexure C9 - Comments and Response Report (pdf - 324kb)